Last update:
December 30, 2017
Our highly qualified design and production team has well over 150 years of combined professional experience that enables it to produce top notch products in technical writing, instructional design, multimedia technology, courseware development, 2D/3D computer graphics, digital photography, animation and video. The following is a list of the key professionals that have contributed to our success:
Stace Papadopoulos, our president and founder, has over 40 years experience designing and developing systems for the Aerospace,
the Military, the High-Tech and the Mega Yacht industries. He is
passionate about using multimedia in technical communications.
Alex Papadopoulos, our Production Artist and Programmer, has
over 5 years experience processing engineering drawings and
digital imaging. He is also developing programs for production
automation that make ORIZON products so cost-effective.
Arline Milam, our meticulous Senior Editor makes sure all the i's
are dotted and all the t's are crossed. We affectionately call her
"Hawkeye" for her uncanny ability to see things that nobody else does.
Dennis Clevenger, our Senior Professional Computer Artist and
Animator, has over 30 years experience in digital art, animation
and industrial video production for Sierra-Online/Dynamix, Virgin
Master-Tronic, Hewlett-Packard, Esco Steel and others.
Don Wright, our Communications Consultant, is a seasoned
professional with over 25 years in radio, TV, public speaking
and corporate communications training.
Steve Andress, our Instructional Designer, has over 20 years
experience designing and developing instructional programs
for corporate customers, including Intel.